Hondata FlashPro - Civic Si 2006-2011 US

Reduced price! Hondata FlashPro - Civic Si 2006-2011 US

Hondata FlashPro - Civic Si 2006-2011 US

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Manufacturer Warranty  1 Year
The FlashPro allows full user tuning and datalogging for your 2006-2011 US Civic Si.
It includes Windows based software called FlashProManager. The FlashPro connects from your laptop's USB port to your vehicles diagnostic port to provide live tuning with a variety of calibrations, extensive real time and stored datalogging capabilities.
- Programmable ECU interface.
- Connects via OBDII diagnostic port.
- USB 2.0 connection
- Works with Laptop or Desktop
- No ECU modification necessary.
- Live Tuning
- 20 hours on board datalogging memory.
- Security Password.
- FlashProManager Windows software.
- Check and clear diagnostic codes.
- Custom laptop gauges.
- Dual calibration storage - upload from one of two calibrations stored in the FlashPro
The Hondata FlashPro is a hardware and software combination that connects from your laptop's USB port to your Civic Si's diagnostic port. It enables you to tune your engine computer for:
- Intakes
- Headers
- Exhausts
- Camshafts
- Turbochargers
- Superchargers
The FlashPro Manager software comes with 56 built in starting calibrations for many of these combinations.
Hondata are calibrators for and are recommended for use by:
- CT-Engineering
- Kraftwerks
- Skunk2
- Jackson Racing
- Full Race
The FlashPro has the best datalogging capability and support in the industry. There is simply no better way to learn how your engine runs and responds than by connecting a FlashPro and datalogging. See for yourself.
The Hondata FlashPro is a product that delivers all the features you need, now, fully working, that will grow with you as you upgrade your engine. With the recently added live tuning capabilities, your tuner can now tune your car faster and better.
The FlashPro is designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA. As a result of local assembly, extensive testing before shipping and our stringent quality control, the FlashPro is incredibly reliable.
- Within the USA this product is legal only for racing vehicles which may never be used upon a public highway.
Sales Market:
- This FlashPro can only be sold to US/Canada addresses.
2006-2011 Honda Civic Si
2006-2011 Mexico - Civic Si - ECU #s RRB-X11 through RRB-X12
2007-2011 Central American  - Civic Si - ECU #s RRB-K01 through RRD-K02
2007-2011 South American - Civic Si - ECU #s RRD-M11 through RRD-M22, RRD-P11 through RRD-P12 and RRD-P21

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Hondata FlashPro - Civic Si 2006-2011 US

Hondata FlashPro - Civic Si 2006-2011 US

Hondata FlashPro - Civic Si 2006-2011 US
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