WHP Wideband Knock Sensor Kit - M12

New WHP Wideband Knock Sensor Kit - M12

WHP Wideband Knock Sensor Kit - M12

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Manufacturer Warranty  1 Year

The WHP wideband knock sensor kits are designed to take advantage of the sophisticated knock detection circuits in many modern ECUs, such as the ECUMaster EMU. The knock processing chip in the EMU is designed to take advantage of wideband, or flat response, knock sensors.

Until recent years, most knock sensors were designed to generate an output voltage only around a preset frequency based on engine characteristics, limiting the need for signal processing. The drawbacks of such sensors were their inability to separate knock from noise. With modern signal processing, wideband sensors can be used, allowing the EMU to process the signal in its full range and look only for sounds that actually represent knock. The EMU is also able to filter the signal by crank degrees so that it only monitors the sensors at engine positions where knock is likely to occur. The use of WHP wideband knock sensors allows for greater sensitivity to knock and greater control of the engine, allowing the tuner to maximize power output with the confidence that the EMU will employ engine protection strategies when knock is detected.

WHP Wideband Knock Sensor Kits are used on many Toyota and Nissan engines, such as the 1JZ, 2JZ, 3SGTE, SR20, RB series motors while modifying for higher horsepower with more boost. Each kit includes a new genuine Bosch knock sensor with 12 month warranty, titanium mounting stud, retaining nut, and electrical connector with pins.

With or without modification, these knock sensors can be used on any engine. The stud in the kit is M10 x 1.25 to M8x1.25 and have been used on many engines.

Sensor Installation:
Thread the included stud into your factory knock sensor position. Ensure that the threads are clean before installation. Tighten by hand.

Install the knock sensor over the stud, and tighten to 11 ft. lbs. of torque with the included lock nut. It is extremely important to torque the sensor accurately, especially on engines with two sensors. The torque value will affect sensor sensitivity.

You MUST use shielded wire for signal wires, this includes knock sensor signals. Use a 2 conductor shielded wire and connect one conductor to the sensor ground pin on the EMU (pin B18 on the EMU Classic and B29, 38, 39 EMU Black). It’s likely that multiple sensors will be connected to sensor ground, so you may have to splice multiple wires together. The other conductor will be connected to the desired knock sensor input channel. Sensor polarity does not matter (meaning it does not matter which terminal on the sensor connector goes to which wire). Connect the shield wire at only one end to the ECU Ground wire as the shield drain.

Kit Includes:
- Bosch Wideband Knock Sensor
- Sensor Connector w/ Terminals
- Titanium Stud - M12
- Lock Nut

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WHP Wideband Knock Sensor Kit - M12

WHP Wideband Knock Sensor Kit - M12

WHP Wideband Knock Sensor Kit
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