Hawk HT-10 Brake Pads - Rear

Reduced price! Hawk HT-10 Brake Pads - Rear

Hawk HT-10 Brake Pads - Rear

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Brake Pad Material  Ferro-carbon
For Use with Stock Calipers  Yes
Manufacturer Warranty  Limited Lifetime Warranty
Quantity  Sold as a Pair
Recommended Use  Track / Race / Rally
The Hawk HT10 compound combines the high torque levels of the aggressive Hawk Blue with a revised friction compound that makes it easier to modulate and wears nicer on rotors. The HT10 remains consistent over a wide range of temps and can even work when cold.
It's been a popular pad for racers looking for the performance of a Hawk Blue but is not as harsh on rotors. 
- High Temp Performance, 300-1300ºF / 149-871ºC
- Intermediate to High Torque with a Smooth Initial Bite
- Very Consistent Pedal Feel
- Excellent Modulation and Release Characteristics
- Road Racing for higher torque than Blue 42
- Increased track day performance
- Operating Temp - 300-1300F
- Optimal Temp - 500-1100F
- Torque Level - High
- Rear pads
- Motorsport rated Brake Pad (Not recommended for street use) 
- Due to the aggressive nature of the front braking system Hawk does NOT offer a front HT-10 formula pad. 
2009-2020 Nissan GT-R

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Hawk HT-10 Brake Pads - Rear

Hawk HT-10 Brake Pads - Rear

Hawk HT-10 Brake Pads Rear
2009-2020 Nissan GT-R
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